Explore full-time ministry with P2C-Students

On Dec 29 at 17:00

What does God want me to do after I graduate? Is full-time ministry for me? How can I use my degree for Jesus? These questions can evoke neck-tingling thrill or stomach-aching panic and we have been there. We would love to walk with you as you wrestle with these big questions.

If you are graduating in 2018, 2019 or 2020 join us for dinner on Dec 29th. We will explore how to discern God's will for your future ministry involvement, and your future vocation, while focusing on the most important question of all: How do I surrender to and serve Jesus in my future job choices?

In addition, explore the plethora of opportunities P2C-Students has for graduates like you. Hear from P2C staff and interns and discover our internship and staff opportunities with the divisions of P2C-Students: Creative Communications, national campus opportunities, International Students ministry, NEXT ministry to gr. 12 students, and our Global Missions (STINT) options.

Space is limited, please reserve your seat.

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