Apologetics Pre-Conference

On Dec 28 at 13:00
With Shawn Hart

We live in a complicated world, made even more confusing by messages all around us that challenge the truthfulness of God, reality, morality, science, the nature of right and wrong, and a whole host of other areas related to the ultimate questions we have and hold.

As we hold a Christian worldview, we can feel fear, doubt and insecurity from these questions. However, we can remind ourselves that the Christian faith can offer thoughtful and carefully considered answers to these ultimate questions.

If you are interested in seeking thoughtful answers to these significant questions regarding the foundation of the Christian faith and how you can always be prepared to give an answer for it, then we would like to invite you to the 2018 reMINDing Apologetics, P2C PLUS Pre-conference (December 28th 1pm - 6:30pm), in Toronto, Ontario at the Sheraton Center. Hear from a range of speakers from P2C - Students’ Ultimate Questions Team and RZIM touch on various topics encompassing relevant issues that will help you have confidence, encouragement, clarity, and courage regarding your Christian walk.

Speakers will be touching on subjects such as science, the Bible and many other topics sharing from a biblical point of view as well as from their own research and personal experience, with content that is culturally relevant as well as thought provoking. Our desire is that these topics would help in reminding all of us how we can step out and love the Lord our God with all of our mind; Helping provide thoughtful answers to life’s ultimate questions in order to point to the one who is the ultimate answer.

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