Dec 28, 2018 – Jan 1, 2019

Sheraton Centre Hotel, Downtown Toronto

Join us this year for our newest conference ever! P2C PLUS is returning with a new location, a new lineup, and a new theme. Literally, our theme this year is “NEW.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” Join us at the Sheraton Center in downtown Toronto to celebrate how Christ makes us new. At P2C PLUS you will: Be Inspired by some amazing speakers, Go Deeper with a wide variety of workshops and training sessions, Take Action by connecting with exhibitors or signing up for one of our many missions opportunities, and Have Fun at non-stop social events including a concert with the band Citizens, as well as a New Year’s Eve Party! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news about more featured bands and speakers that will be joining us this year. Register before October 15th, 2018 to take advantage of our lower prices. Tickets are on sale now.



Longing for justice in an unjust world with Shawn Hart
Where does our longing for justice come from? What is Biblical justice? How does the Christian worldview deal with injustice differently than other worldviews? During this session we will look at these questions as we also consider what took place in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Apologetics Pre-Conference with Shawn Hart

We live in a complicated world, made even more confusing by messages all around us that challenge the truthfulness of God, reality, morality, science, the nature of right and wrong, and a whole host of other areas related to the ultimate questions we have and hold.

As we hold a Christian worldview, we can feel fear, doubt and insecurity from these questions. However, we can remind ourselves that the Christian faith can offer thoughtful and carefully considered answers to these ultimate questions.

If you are interested in seeking thoughtful answers to these significant questions regarding the foundation of the Christian faith and how you can always be prepared to give an answer for it, then we would like to invite you to the 2018 reMINDing Apologetics, P2C PLUS Pre-conference (December 28th 1pm – 6:30pm), in Toronto, Ontario at the Sheraton Center. Hear from a range of speakers from P2C – Students’ Ultimate Questions Team and RZIM touch on various topics encompassing relevant issues that will help you have confidence, encouragement, clarity, and courage regarding your Christian walk.

Speakers will be touching on subjects such as science, the Bible and many other topics sharing from a biblical point of view as well as from their own research and personal experience, with content that is culturally relevant as well as thought provoking. Our desire is that these topics would help in reminding all of us how we can step out and love the Lord our God with all of our mind; Helping provide thoughtful answers to life’s ultimate questions in order to point to the one who is the ultimate answer.

Check out the detailed schedule.

Exhibitor Showcase
Come meet all of our exhibitors, learn more about them, and see more about what God is doing here and around the world. Coffee and snacks are provided.
Let us follow our Lord’s example in the garden of Gethsemane and renew our spirit as we seek deep intimacy with the Father in prayer. Join us for late night praise and prayer hosted by David Ryu and Agape Impact to worship together, confess sin, present our requests to God, and intercede for one another and the world!
Jumping off the Performance Wheel with Brian Bulger, Deb Jones, Johanna Kelly
Everyone can benefit from a Christ-centered Recovery group. The ways we avoid dealing with pain, shame and fears, can take far greater toll, than facing our hurts, hang-ups and habits. Finding a safe, authentic community that is forward-focused, can unleash us in our new life in Christ and healthy ways of doing life. Sponsored by Celebrate Recovery.
That you Bear Much Fruit with Lesley, Mo
Refugees and displaced people are one of the most fruitful areas of witness in the world. One fellowship in Asia Minor baptized over 100 believers of Muslim background last year. Hear the amazing story of what God is doing among refugees and how God drew Mo to Himself from Islam.
How to Lead as a Student Leader Without Staff with Trevor Martin, Jocelyn Putnam
If you’re a student leader on a campus without full-time staff present (Catalytic), then this is for you! Come learn how to lead in this unique context from Trevor and Jocelyn, P2C staff who coach some of our Catalytic campuses. They were both Catalytic student leaders themselves, so they have lots of useful information to share!
The Neurobiology of Addictions with Alison Buchan
Struggles with substances and behaviours are increasingly being understood in terms of addiction. In this seminar, we will discuss the physiological and biological processes that drive addiction to gain a better understanding of what is going on in the body that makes these habits so difficult to break.
How to Grow with Darryl Dash
We all want to make a difference with our lives, but we don’t always know where to start. This workshop will unpack clear, practical steps to not only grow, but to make an eternal difference in the lives of others. Exploring how the gospel applies to all of life, happiness and holiness, and outline clear steps to take to change.
Caring for Survivors with Mike Mileski
This workshop will explore critical questions surrounding abuse: How we make it as safe as possible for an abused person to come forward with their story? What do we do with allegations of abuse / harassment in a ministry setting? What is our responsibility toward alleged abusers?
Culture and Faith in Context with Terry LeBlanc
Christians often tend to be familiar with the Gospel only in the context of their own culture. One challenge that the church faces is to understand what the gospel and the church should look like in other cultural contexts. This workshop will explore this issue as it relates to Canadian and other Indigenous contexts.
Breaking Free From Shame with Jessica Vanderwier
Shame can quickly take over our lives, and make us feel like we will never be good enough. Whether it’s childhood trauma, alcoholism, drugs, or pornography, mental health struggles, or mistakes. In this workshop learn about the power of your story and how you can break free from the shame that is holding you back.
Defining Our Cultural Moment with Tim Gonsalves
Christianity is now on the fringe of society, no longer in the cultural center. As missionaries, it’s our job to know the culture while maintaining strong ties to the kingdom. This session will take a deep dive into our cultural moment so that we can re-envision our approach to student relational ministry in a post-Christian world.
Partnership with the Spirit with Esther Wong
“Why is this consuming all my energy? I want it to stop.” “Well, there’s another night wasted on social media.” Doing the things you don’t want to do? Where is God when you’re having a hard time doing the things you want to do? Come find out how you can live a consistent Christian life. What’s the secret?
Future Proof Leadership with Tim Day
Based on extensive conversations with young and innovative leaders, we will explore emerging trends facing young leaders today and how Christians can work together in new and effective ways. We will also explore the Biblical narrative and how the first Christians learned to adapt in the highly complex and oppressive culture.
Being a Christian Student with John Hau
You’re a student. You’re a Christian. What do these things have to do with each other? Is your job solely to share the gospel with the students around you or is God’s vision for you life bigger than this? Join us to explore some of the Biblical themes of how God sees your place in the university and the world.
How University Churches Are Changing the World with Daniel Yang
Churches are being planted near university campuses by young leaders and students. Some are even planting new churches around the world, as their students graduate and move around. Learn more about the phenomenon of collegiate church planting and hear how God is at work on university campuses all over North America.
Stories of Humanization and Dehumanization with Angela
Have you experienced the devastation and loss of dignity of being dehumanized by being ignored, unseen, or minimized? Join us for a small group discussion as we share stories of humanization and dehumanization in our own lives, and reflect on the significance of humanization in loving others and communicating the gospel.
Transgender and the Gospel with Aaron Naismith
What does the bible say about gender and transgender? How do we respond to what culture thinks? We will examine this in a compassionate and gospel centered way. Aaron will look at cultural trends/shifts on the topic, gender and the bible, gospel truth and practical application.
Through the Wardrobe: Exploring the Theology of Narnia with Dr. Steve West
C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia are among the best-loved children’s books in the world. But the more they are studied, the more they reveal an astonishing range of theological depth and philosophical insight. This workshop tries to supply an experience that will go deep into the heart of Narnia. There is so much to discover!
Introduction to Basic Budgeting with Pete Peters, Brian Wagler
What a budget is and why should you create one, tips to help you reach your financial goals, and ideas to help you adjust your spending.
Intro to Sikhism and Christianity with Peter Michael
During the days of the reformation in Europe, a new religious leader rose up in India, a man named Guru Nanak. He started a new religion in India! Wearing Turbans and carrying daggers, there are a half-million Sikh men and women in Canada today. Come learn the unique beliefs and practices of these people loved by God.
To be or not to be: Is every human a person? with Dr. Neil Cudney
This workshop will explore the current philosophical and theological meanings of Being for persons with cognitive disabilities in society. We will discuss why the conclusions of this matters to every human-person and what it means to be a just society for those most vulnerable.
A Passion to Pray with Rita Singh
Whether you struggle with prayer or feel like a seasoned prayer warrior, come gain new insight on the power of prayer. Answer some of those probing questions about prayer. Learn about all kinds of prayer and specifically the 4-steps of prayer, the power of praying Scripture and a new way of praying in unity.
Hospitality and Evangelism with Tim Gonsalves
Sitting at a table enjoying a meal, coffee, cake or simple discussion opens the door for a magnitude of conversations. Being invitational and allowing shared space is a pivotal point for evangelism. This session will unpack the theology of hospitality in the way meals with Jesus are used as a window into his message of grace.
Confessions of a Christian Fundraiser with Ray Sawatsky
Asking for money for personal support can be uncomfortable. Askers and givers co-exist in a complicated relationship, sometimes both getting hurt. Inappropriate faith language and dubious result claims often lead to a loss of trust. Ray will share the theology and best practices for Christian fundraising.
Trauma and its Impact on Faith and Relationships with Alison Buchan
Trauma can lead to struggles with boundaries, fear, comparison and self-esteem. Learn how to show up in an authentic way, even when it takes a lot of courage, empathy, self-compassion and trust. We will chat about how to recognize the relational patterns that are self-defeating and how to move toward more whole-hearted relationships.
Giving: God’s Command or Something More? with James Lucas
Giving, donating, tithing… what comes to mind when you think about putting your money into the hands of another? My hope is that we can learn together about the role that giving can play in your life. Let’s learn why giving is not just a command from God but it’s also an awesome opportunity to take!
How to Lead a Visionary Prayer Meeting with Sarah Trouborst
Most people would agree their prayer life could be better. Prayer is super hard. Yet, in community we have this amazing opportunity to pray together: to encourage and inspire one another, seeing God work in and through us. In this workshop we’ll talk about how we can be better leaders of prayer and spend some time praying together.
Caring for Creation: Christian Reflections on the Environment with Dr. Steve West, Danielle Gignac
Environmental issues are becoming more important. As Christians, we’re uniquely situated to appreciate the world as God’s creation. We must learn how to properly care for the environment in which God has placed us. This workshop explores our God-given mandate to be stewards of creation within a proper biblical-theological framework.
Sikhism and Christianity: How the Gospel Transforms with Peter Michael
How can we build genuine relationships and engage in soul-winning conversations with people who have such a different world view like Sikhs? That’s what this workshop is all about. Learning to have comfortable conversations and enjoyable friendship is the best way to start.
Listening your way into Gospel Conversations with Sean Cullen
Listen to the Holy Spirit, Listen to Culture, Listen to People. If you are a student of the gospel, culture, and people, the Holy Spirit brings connection. Come and learn how to listen to, and identify the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and then obey.
Millennial Spiritual Disciplines with Mike Mileski
Yes, there’s an app for that! Still, how can I know if my Bible study and prayer times are “working”? In this cultural moment, what lifestyle habits can I adopt that will help me become more like Jesus and feel better connected to Him?
Self Awareness with Matthew Campbell
We all have strengths and weaknesses, but not everyone knows what they are. An accurate picture of self helps you determine what career path to choose, and give you a greater appreciation of how God made you. This seminar will explore the values of being self-aware and some simple things you can do to know yourself better.
“Called” to the Bar: Law as Ministry with Sarah Mix-Ross
Interested in pursuing justice through law? Come hear about the challenges and joys of being a Christian in the legal profession, learn about the ways that law can be used to protect Christians and the Church, discern whether you might be called to this vocation/career, and consider how your work/calling may bring glory to God.
Evening Concert with Citizens, Caves
On the evening of Dec 29th, join us for a concert featuring the band Citizens along with Caves to have fun and worship our Lord Jesus. Sponsored by Global Aid Network.
Missions: A New Form of Cultural Imperialism with Darren Lung
“Cultural Imperialism” is a concept in both the modern and post-modern Christian missionary movement. Darren will make a case for understanding the history of missions movements and some of the detriment of cultural globalization. He will also share some “successes” and encouragement for how we can do missions more thoughtfully.
Making sense of a loving God in a Cruel World with Peter Kupisz
How can an all-powerful and perfectly good God allow so much evil in this world? Does God want evil? He has the power to stop it, why doesn’t he? Come learn how the problem of evil actually provides evidence for the existence of God. And explore some of the possible reasons why God allows evil.
Let us follow our Lord’s example in the garden of Gethsemane and renew our spirit as we seek deep intimacy with the Father in prayer. Join us for late night praise and prayer hosted by David Ryu and Agape Impact to worship together, confess sin, present our requests to God, and intercede for one another and the world!
Main Session 3: Taking Hold of the NEW
Sid Koop
Sarah Jackson
James Ruddle
House of Worship
Avoiding a ‘Saviour Complex’ in International Missions with Tess Mawson
Ministry in an international context is complex in the 21st century. It often takes place in countries where the shadow of a colonial past shapes contexts and relationships. Ray explores best practices for Christian engagement around the world, through the prism of truth, goodness and beauty.
Why Inner Healing is for you too with Lorna Dueck
Every encounter in life is under the care of God, but there are times when life delivers unexpected trauma to our psyche. God’s desire is that those spaces of our lives be healed into wholeness and fruitfulness. This session will explore Psalm 139 and its application in our life.
A Biblical Perspective on Urban Poverty with Jeff Barker
What does it means to be poor in an urban setting? The Bible reiterates a social responsibility to care for and protect the poor. This is shown in the person of Christ, who humbled himself and became one of the poor. How can you be a voice for the voiceless?
World Change Through International Students with Mike Livingstone
God is bringing elite students from other nations (closed to the gospel) to Canada in unprecedented waves. Who will welcome them and befriend them for Jesus? This workshop will provide you with some practical steps to help international students discover Jesus and change the world.
Contextualizing the Gospel with John Hau
How do we share the gospel in an ever changing world? How can we speak in a language others can understand without losing the core message about Jesus? In this session, you’ll learn some important principles on how to be a missionary to those God has around you.
Why would a loving God judge me? with Logan Gates
In the West today, true love is love in the absence of judgment. But what does this mean for the God of the Bible? If God really loved us, wouldn’t he accept us as we are? Join us as we explore the true nature of love and judgment, and the compelling answer the Christian faith offers to this crucial question of our times.
Bound by Satan – Transformed by Christ with Tim Whatley
Of approx. 6900 languages in the world nearly 2000 still do not have God’s word in their language. Learn from veteran church planter Tim Whatley about what it took to reach a totally undiscovered people group deep in the jungles of Papua and hear how they were completely transformed by the power of God’s word.
Is There a Place for Faith in the Healthcare Setting? with Cindy Kenyon
Are you in a healthcare professional program or a pre-med program? Hear from a panel of healthcare professionals who are living out their faith in the workplace, ready to share their stories and experiences with you. Come see how God can use you in your field because you are a person of faith.
Why Do I Feel so Disconnected? with Sarah Jackson
In this workshop, Sarah will walk us through a heart journey of exploring: What is holding my heart back from going deeper with God? Sarah’s life was transformed through the Toronto Blessing revival (and she has a British accent), so you don’t want to miss this workshop!
The Creative Workflow of a Christian Artist with James Ruddle
This session will look at the process of professional artists and breakdown the steps to becoming a more effective creator. We will deconstruct the preconceptions and myths that the art making process is all a happy accident, and discover how we can take steps to make better decisions and improve our effectiveness as creators.
Social Media for Social Change with Tim Lee
Christians need to be socially engaged with global issues. We will discuss and strategize our voice, technique, and creativity with social media. You will have a chance to work with others to create your own social media campaigns and posts to inspire social change in your sphere of influence and beyond.
God, Science and Scientism: Current Tensions with Kirk Durston
As a scientist, Dr. Durston has observed many examples of conflict between science and religious belief that are a result of a mixture of bad science, scientism, faulty thinking and religious assumptions. In this seminar we will look at some examples and attempt to plot a course that avoids these pitfalls.
Praying the Scriptures with Sarah Evans
This workshop will teach you to pray around a particular Biblical text with words and attitudes reflected in God’s own Word, but by personalizing them in our own words and emotions. In this experiential workshop you will get acquainted with the spirit and techniques of praying the Scriptures.
The Future Church and Those Who Will Create It with Daniel Yang
As North America continues to diversify and become more comfortable with religious pluralism, the new frontier of the Church will not be about geography as much as it is about imagination. The increasing values of creativity and diversity are shaping tomorrow’s church planter, and Generation Z is on the early cusp of this innovation.
Contextualizing the Gospel in East Asian Cultures with Adam Pietrantonio
When the language and communication style of the culture you serve in are vastly different than your own, how do you bring in the gospel? Contextualization. What is it? How can the gospel be contextualized in East Asian cultures? Come engage in a conversation about making the gospel understandable, with a focus on Japan.
Helping Your Friends Journey Towards Jesus with John Hau
Effective evangelism in our culture is more of a process than a one-time event. Based on the book I Once Was Lost, this workshop will introduce you to a helpful paradigm for discerning where others are at in relation to faith and how to encourage them towards Jesus.
How to Lead a P2C Small Group with Andrew Williamson
Curious about how to get started with leading a small group Bible study on campus? This one’s for you! Come learn how to journey with other believers who are trying to live out their faith on campus. We will also spend some time exploring the small group resources put together by P2C-S.
Gender, Sexuality, and Faith with Mike Fischhoff
How do we reconcile our faith and Biblical teachings with the experiences of those in the LGBTQ+ community? Our hope is to have a healthier and more complete perspective on God’s view of sexuality so that we can have a greater love and care for those who think differently.
Five Value Shifts for Healthy Biblical Mentoring with Marvin Brubacher
Five crucial value shifts summarize the characteristics of truly effective Christian leadership. The shifts help change a leader from the inside out, focuing on their heart – character, motives, and attitudes. This will help you embrace the Scriptural mandate of mentoring younger leaders found in Matt 28:19-20 and 2 Tim 2:1-2.
The E in Evangelism should stand for Empathy with Archie Kenyon
People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them. This may be truer in sharing our faith than anywhere else. In this workshop we will explore why empathy is important, ask God to give us more of it, and learn how to practically express it in our relationships with those outside of our faith.
Leading Me with Charlotte Martin
Author Steve Brown says: “Your most important and most challenging leadership assignment looks back at you in the mirror every morning. It’s you.” This workshop will explore principles of leading yourself well.
Reaching Canadian Students Online with Create Missions Team
Did you know that Power to Change has an online ministry as well at face to face student ministry? Our CREATE Mission Trip Team aimed to develop new ways to invite people online to join local student ministries all over Canada. We would love to share and discuss what worked, what didn’t and what our future.
Race and the Gospel with Desmond Watts, Darren Lung
Racial equality has been a long-standing issue in our society. While we might not like to think about it, it’s an issue we deal with in Canada as well. Come interact with a panel who will share how the gospel intersects their racial identity and can bring us together.
Q&A with the band with C4 Worship
C4 is the band that is helping us worship every night at P2C PLUS. This dynamic group has encouraging stories about how their songs come together, how they seek to glorify God through their gifting. And they all are very different musicians with different stories! Come and connect with C4 worship.
How to have difficult conversations and survive with Matthew Campbell
We all need to have hard conversations with others from time-to-time, so why not be prepared for when it arises? This workshop will teach you how to have a difficult conversation with someone. You will learn in this very practical workshop how to prepare yourself, structure the conversation, and some do’s and don’ts.
How to thrive as a Chrisitan teacher in a public school with Jessica Pellowe
With the public school system touting increasingly liberal ideas, how do Christians honour our faith while respecting our employers and professional responsibilities? Bring your questions and concerns, and hear an experienced public school teacher discuss what it looks like to teach secular curriculum from a Christian worldview.
Photographing the Gospel with Deborah Wong
To all the creatives struggling to figure out how your artistic bent can be used to glorify God, come hear Deb share her journey. Deb is mildly addicted to creating, with photography being one of her passions. She wants to invite you to explore her work and consider how we can intersect our collective artistry with the gospel.
God and Vocation: Engineering with David Heska
Attention engineering students! Do you want to hear from engineers who are following God and striving for excellence in their work? Come and interact with a panel of engineers ready to share their stories and life-experience with you.
Beginning a New Ministry with Carmen Man
Learn how to take first steps in establishing a ministry in a place where there isn’t currently one. This workshop is focused on the campus ministry environment but is transferable beyond. If you long to pioneer new works of ministry then come and learn some principles to help you out!
The Best Argument that Christianity is True with Jon Topping
Is faith irrational? It’s commonly believed that to be a Christian you have to check your brain at the door. We’re going to examine the strongest argument in favour of Christianity. By observing historical facts, universally held by all historians, we can see that Christianity makes the most sense of all the evidence we have.
Film Screening: Josiah
Jared Brock
Let us follow our Lord’s example in the garden of Gethsemane and renew our spirit as we seek deep intimacy with the Father in prayer. Join us for late night praise and prayer hosted by David Ryu and Agape Impact to worship together, confess sin, present our requests to God, and intercede for one another and the world!
Main Session 5: Reaching a NEW Culture
Allison Alley
Sean Cullen
House of Worship
James Ruddle
Is Google the New God? with Ruth Mullen
Our generation is more plugged in than ever before. Is it healthy? Join Ruth as we examine how Google has completely changed how we view the world around us. We will discuss how technology has changed our faith, relationships and purpose.
What Does Success in Missions look like? with Darren Lung
The conversation around how to do missions is called Missiology. P2C-S historically has used certain criteria to measure success. Darren invites you to join the discussion in this workshop sharing some of his recent learnings and how this has influenced his redefining success.
How to avoid 3 traps that will take you out as a leader with Sean Cullen
In this workshop we will explore different pitfalls that leaders can fall into. Sean will walk us through how Jesus frees us from: the Performance Trap, the Comparison Trap and the Competition Trap.
How to Find Your Mission in the Labour Market with Nel Slater
Do you feel called to a life of significance with a career? Do you want to make the world a better place but also make ends meet? Learn how to identify what you have to offer and how to conduct labour market research – to find work that fits YOU and also has a future. Three free career books will be given away!
Leading Others Without Leading Their Lives for Them with Graham Watt
Graham has many years of experience in leadership. He will walk workshop attendees through how to influence, shape and encourage others without taking ownership of their decisions and God given lives.
Emotional and Spiritual Health with Angela, Jen Watt
Peter Scazzero says: “Emotional health and spiritual maturity cannot be separated. It is impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature.” Come explore ways to understand some of the emotional blindspots that hold us back from spiritual growth.
One with Christ with Lucas Burton
“Christianity is about relationship not religion.” What exactly does that mean? In this workshop we will explore what it means to be “in Christ” and how the incredible reality of union with Jesus impacts every dimension of our lives—from fighting sin to sharing our faith and everything in between.
How to Not Waste Your Life with Corey Sleep
Ever wonder if your life really matters, or if what you’re doing is actually going to have an impact? Do these questions make you stressed? Put your mind at ease with 3 key principles from the Apostle Paul, and get on the right track with some practical steps courtesy of applied psychology.
How to lead P2C small groups for leaders within P2C with Graham Hynds
Leading a small group for those who are leaders themselves can be tricky. Shepherding those who are new to leadership, or those who have plenty of experience of their own already, is a complicated privilege. Come and hear some good ideas and Scriptural truths for those entrusted with ministering to other leaders in a group setting.
Broken for Good: Walking in Humility with Shawn Brix
Spiritual awakening always beings in a place of humility. When we are honest with God about our true spiritual condition, God restores our “first love” for Jesus and rekindles our spiritual fire. This workshop will explore how a richer, deeper, more God-filled life is awaiting you if you’re willing to begin with brokenness.
Contenders & Lost Gospels with Wes Huff
Why do we have the books of the Bible in our Bibles? What about the other books that talk about Jesus in the following centuries after his death, like the Gnostic and “lost” Gospels? Did any of them have a shot at making it into the Bible? This workshop will dive into all those questions and more.
Becoming a Global Christian with Dan
With the increasing globalization of our world, we desire a far-reaching impact. But how can we do that in our day-to-day activities? Come learn about the connections between your life and the wider world, and find out how even small actions on a local scale can make a difference to global realities.
Discerning God’s Will with Justin Chan
We know you’re asking this. When it comes to big decisions in life, many Christians can either be practical atheists or paralyzed by over-spiritual myths. Come hear sound Biblical advice from an experienced leader who has made many big decisions in life.
Gospel Discipleship with Sarah Trouborst
Real growth and spiritual change come from deep gospel application into every part of our lives. But how do we disciple through this lens? In this workshop we’ll look at how to ask good questions, apply the gospel practically, and as a result become better at sharing our faith as we internalize the gospel more and more.
Five Areas of Emotional Intelligence to Improve with Nel Slater
Want to maximize success in your job? …ministry? …relationships? Emotional Intelligence can help you increase performance, navigate change with less stress, strengthen your leadership, engage with your team, and more! Come hear about Emotional Intelligence with introductory tools and resources. Three free EQ books will be given away!
Principles and Practices of Mentoring with Marvin Brubacher
This practical seminar will give a comprehensive view of mentoring. It will explore mentoring philosophy, journeying with someone, the differences between mentoring, coaching, and counseling, and finally how to find a mentor/mentee. Marvin will also share from his own mentoring experiences.
Nobody has Real Friends Anymore with Daniel Dénommé
In a time of unprecedented social media connection, many feel more disconnected from genuine friendship than ever before. Let’s discuss why we feel so alone, how we can seek meaningful connections, and help those around us build real friendships within a society that glorifies superficial interaction.
Has Christianity Done Any Good in the World? with Michael Horner
Christianity’s beneficial influence on human flourishing has been nothing short of incredible! Come be surprised and encouraged to learn that “many of the good and humane things… exist as a result of Christians simply living out the values Christ taught and in some cases doing so at great personal sacrifice.”
Learning to BE in a World that Strives with Misty Ropp
Who are you really? We find ourselves striving to live up to so many labels and expectations. But do we slow down long enough to listen to who God says we are? We will explore the spiritual practices of listening and connecting with God, as we seek to understand who He’s uniquely made us to be. Let’s stop striving and start being.
Mental Health and the Christian Faith with Andrea Groenewald
The pain and shame of mental illness is very real. What is an appropriate biblical approach to dealing with mental illness or mental health? We will also look at what role psychology/psychiatry plays for Christians who place their faith in God. We will also discuss ways to walk with someone who is dealing with depression/anxiety.
The True Story of the Whole World with Lucas Burton
The opening pages of the Bible explain that human beings are made in the image of God, but what does that mean? Who are we we and what is our purpose? In this workshop we will examine the epic drama of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and discuss how our lives as human beings—divine image bearers—fit into the story it tells.
Being a Faithful Bi-Cultural Christian with Desmond Watts
Praying with Scripture: Gospel Contemplation with Sarah Evans
The heart of Gospel Contemplation is letting God use our imagination to help us deepen our relationship with Jesus. It is about knowing God, not knowing more about God. Learn to use your senses in an imaginative way to reflect on a Gospel passage. Come make yourself available to encounter the love of Jesus in a palpable way.
Created to be Creative – P2C Short Films Premiere with Patrick Erskine
Whether you desire to work in a creative industry, have a passion for making things, or love thinking outside the box, come hear a biblical foundation for why we need to lean into our God-given creativity. In this workshop we will also premiere two short documentaries produced by P2C Students this past year in Denmark.
Being Jesus to Muslims with Marty Frisk
This interactive roleplay will help us grasp the Muslim worldview and guide us to more productive and loving conversations with the followers of Mohammed that God has placed in our lives.
What Helps and Hinders Students to Sharing the Gospel? with Graham Watt
Power to Change Students exists to help students discover Jesus. This workshop will look at some key findings in a research project that was taken in identifying what helps and what hinders students connected to P2C share the gospel with others
Using Scripture to Help People Respond to Jesus with Evelyn Tan
How do we lead people to Jesus? Specificially, how can we use Scripture to help them see that the good news of Jesus is what the Bible is all about, from beginning to end? Come and learn how you can journey with your friends through the Bible and have Jesus become real to them.
Christians Behaving Badly and How to Respond with George Simopoulos
Whether it is the crusades, the inquisition, or the residential school system, Christians have had their hands dirty in activities that we now look back upon with guilt and remorse. We will look at famous accounts of Christians behaving badly and provide insights into how we can respond while honestly confessing our sins.
Grief, Loss and the Grace of God with Suzanne Rozalowsky
Suzanne has walked through loss with the death of her husband and can share how to reconcile the need to feel the pain of loss and also know the hope of the gospel. She will walk you through some basic understandings of grief for those in the midst of the pain of loss or those who want to walk alongside others in grief.
NYE Party with Propaganda
Starting at 7pm, P2C PLUS will conclude on a high note with a NYE Party! There will be tons of activites, bands to worship God with, DJ dance parties, and more.
A Plan for the New Year with Charlotte Martin
Are NYE Resolutions still a thing? How do we even set realistic goals for the new year? Come to this workshop where Charlotte will help you review the past year and look forward to the New Year with hope and a plan.


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Includes Hotel Stay
3-Day Pass
Includes Hotel Stay
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3-Day Pass
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Includes Hotel Stay
3-Day Pass
Includes Hotel Stay
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Includes Hotel Stay
3-Day Pass
Includes Hotel Stay
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Includes Hotel Stay
3-Day Pass
Includes Hotel Stay
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Group rates available.


Did you know that you can fundraise to come to the conference?!

Perhaps taking a step of faith to fundraise for P2C PLUS will be part of what enables you to come this year.

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Being Downtown, the Sheraton Centre is easy to get to whether you take transit, drive, fly or take the train.


There are many restaurants in and around the Sheraton Centre including food trucks.


Sheraton Centre Hotel is right in the heart of downtown Toronto next to where you can go ice skating at Nathan Philips Square or explore the CN Tower.